Dubai Edit #1 : KIZA Restaurant and Lounge

Dubai Edit #1 : KIZA Restaurant and Lounge

Dubai is a city of adventure, love, discovery,lights and more lights, unending possibilities….. the list is endless. The moment you think you have seen most of Dubai you pick up a magazine and cannot recognize anything in this city. It is always buzzing with new places to see, eat, explore and discover. Continue reading “Dubai Edit #1 : KIZA Restaurant and Lounge”

All About The Plaid


Just when you thought you have seen all the plaid/checked pieces this season, you bump into the pants of life. I know I am a little late to jump into this trend but I already had a few blazers and trousers from a couple of years ago so it made no sense for me to buy into the plaid craze. I am trying to be sensible with my buying.

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