5 Masks for Every Skin Type

Mask 2

When it comes to masks I am a hoarder/collector/excessive user. I probably use a mask my face every day, or every other day if I don’t have the time, and I alternate with several masks. I don’t necessarily have many skin concerns, apart from the usual rash here and there, or a hormonal spot or dullness and the main one which is the pursuit of perfect skin all year round. Something that I think is achievable..ok maybe not perfect skin but pretty good skin.

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Black Lace


The weather is still warm even though the season is slowly, and surely cooling down into what we call ‘winter’ here. Well, do not expect snow or anything like that, it just means that the temperature cools down to a bearable range. It is a lovely and exciting time to be in Dubai, there a ‘million’ tourists everywhere, malls are busy and buzzing 24/7 and we can actually walk out on the street for more than a second. Continue reading “Black Lace”

CHANEL Le Rouge Collection N°1 Fall 2016

CHANEL Le Rouge Collection N°1 Fall 2016


Kristen Stewart for CHANEL Le Rouge Collection N°1 Fall 2016

I stumbled upon these products last week at the Chanel counter and I was immediately drawn to the eyeshadow quad, Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Quad in 268 Candeur et Experience and the blush Joues Contraste in 320 Rouge Profond.

There are more products in this collection but I only picked up these two.

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Review : Huda Beauty Liquid Matte… and more….

Review : Huda Beauty Liquid Matte… and more….


Huda beauty 2 22082016

Huda Beauty has been the craze lately and for good reason. There was a queue at sephora both the times I was there and it was just chaos after the launch of her liquid lipsticks. I managed to get one, just one, and I could have lost a nail for it, no kidding. I have used her products before. Continue reading “Review : Huda Beauty Liquid Matte… and more….”